CPH Model

ISeeYouCare has developed a unique business model for hospitals, insurance companies and other payers using our all-inclusive eTelehealth eco-System. We call this technology/service solution the CPH Model.

The CPH Model: Community-based, Patient-centered, Health-delivery Network

The premise is simple. Take the cost associated with managing a hospital’s 30-day re-admission program which represents an expense and flip it over on the balance sheet as a revenue making program. The strategy for this involves three separate health delivery programs.

  1. 30-Day Re-admission Cost Mitigation Program (Un-reimbursed Expense to Hospital)
    • The 30-day readmission ruling of 2015 has caused hospital systems to initiate a cost mitigation program for high-risk patients discharged from the hospital. CMS punishes hospitals not achieving required results.
  2. In-Home Monitoring of Chronic Illness Populations (New or expansion of existing – Revenue)
    • To encourage better management of patients with chronic conditions, CMS has introduced CPT Codes such as 99490. CMS reimburses providers on a per patient basis. The provider must spend at least 20 minutes per month on each patient.
  3. eTelehealth Consultation Program (New or expansion of existing – Revenue)
    • Many companies have implemented and/or are looking to implement a Telehealth/Telemedicine Program for their high-risk populations. As a result, they drive patients to use less expensive modes of care and keeps them from unnecessary trips to the ER.

CPH Model – Benefits

The benefits of taking on this program are significant:

  1. Cost mitigation while achieving the much-sought after “Triple Aim” (Clinical Component)
  2. New Revenue Generation using existing human resources (Financial Component)
  3. Capture and retention of patient populations (Marketing Component)
  4. Seamless integration with existing EHR’s and supporting 3rd party claims processing
  5. Potential for new and even higher reimbursements from insurance companies

It is to that end, that ISeeYouCare’s continues to drive innovation that fosters patient engagement and satisfaction. The above described CPH Model represents a shift from episodic care to continuing care throughout the continuum and available anywhere, anytime. Consequently, we believe “Give a patient a reason to come and a reason to stay and you have eliminated the need of branding, capture and retention and the advertising cost associated with same.”

ISeeYouCare is looking for strategic partners who share our philosophy and who desire to be the leader in the community for which they service. The CPH Model is implemented on an exclusive basis to one healthcare system in any given geographic area. Because we believe that if the model is implemented and managed to it’s potential, our partner healthcare system will garner increased market share, in-large their footprint and position themselves to be the dominate healthcare system in the geographic area that they service.

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