eDoc on-call web portal

ISeeYouCare’s eDoc®-on-Call system is a fully capable web-based EMR. It integrates with our award-winning MyeMHR Personal Health Record. This physician portal serves as a platform for physician-patient collaboration at an unprecedented level. We include physicians and their patients (or proxies) throughout the process. We also include specialty care. This creates a collaboration platform across the entire continuum of care.

Key Features

It is interoperable with all Certified EHRs (EPIC, Cerner, AllScripts, mcKesson, NextGen, Vista, etc.). It generates a C-CDA with encounter details and transmits to all care providers of record. This fully capable web-based EMR includes an FDA approved differential diagnosis algorithm system. Therefore, it is one of the most complete and functional platforms available.

This system includes an integrated eTelehealth platform, which allows the physician to use the latest cloud-based peer-to-peer video communication platform to communicate between them, their patient and other caregivers. This collaboration extends to imaging data, so that everyone in the communication has access to all relevant data. It provides physicians the ability of freedom to work where ever they choose. Moreover, physicians only need an internet connection to work in or out of the office.

The Web Portal features a rich compliment of resources that empower the busy physicians to work smarter rather than harder. Communications couldn’t be easier. Physicians will typically be requested to join a live video consult at a scheduled time or simply pick up a requested encounter/consult (store and forward) from a requesting practitioner utilizing either of the eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR platforms and provide consultation services on an as need basis.E-mail and text messaging drive collaboration.

Designed for growth

It can also be expanded to include our My Home eHealth monitoring platform, so that the physician can monitor key vital signs of their patient and look for trends. This allows the physician to preemptively catch problems and reduce the likelihood of costly ER visits or lengthy hospital stays.

Finally, for the physician, it opens up a world of opportunity by integrating Chronic Care Management and Case Management capabilities that allows them to grow their practices and seek additional revenues through medicare reimbursement. In particular, it can provide the tracking and documentation necessary to accurately bill for CPT Code 99490 and its associated codes.

​Users can access our applications from anywhere. We provide all of our solutions on a subscription-basis. ISeeYouCare’s mobile solutions run on IOS and Android devices.