improve healthcare qualityOur mission is to improve healthcare quality that patients receive by leveraging technologies such as Telemedicine and Electronic Health Records (EHR).  Furthermore, we do this in such a way as to break down the barriers of economic, social and geography restrictions. These restrictions too often establish and limit the choices that patients have in seeking quality health care. ISeeYouCare, Inc. is dedicated to the development and advancement of informatics and communication technologies as a means from which to achieve our objectives and fulfill our mission. A patient-centric PHR platform is the foundation of our family of products. This approach impacts health from the hospital to the home with an unmatched level of clinical collaboration for the payer to the provider, patient and family. As a result, we provide unparalleled access to actionable clinical data. This improves care collaboration, chronic care management and population health metrics become a reality.


Our vision is to make a difference in everything we do. That means that every product development has to address and satisfy the following benchmarks:

  • Is the product patient-centered?
  • Does the product improve the quality of care over previously available practices and/or technologies?
  • Does the product provide the means of providing “accountability” to the patient and the health care provider?
  • Does the product show promise of the ability of lowering health care cost by improving the efficiency of all participating health care providers and resulting desired outcomes for the patient?
  • Does the product meet and/or exceed the objectives as set forth in Our Mission Statement?
ISeeYouCare has a demonostrated history of developing health IT solutions that improve healthcare quality by truly transforming the healthcare landscape.  Our solutions have been deployed across the globe. We consider our solutions to be both patient-centric and disruptive.  (Our two favorite hashtags are #patientcentric and #healthcaredisrupted).