Smart Health Card for State Medicaid

A great idea for driving down costs in state budgets is to adopt Smart Health Cards for State Medicaid Systems. Smart Health Cards have been around for a while. However, their capabilities have been pretty much limited to validating identity. The Secure Technology Alliance define Smart Health Cards as follows:

A smart card is a small card or similar device with an embedded integrated circuit chip. Smart cards typically look like a credit card (Figure 1), although they can take different forms. An embedded chip is what makes the card “smart”. The chip is a powerful minicomputer. It can be programmed for different applications.

The chip enables a smart card to store and access data and applications securely and exchange data securely with readers and other systems. Smart card technology can provide high levels of security and privacy protection, making smart cards ideal for handling sensitive information such as identity and personal health information.

How do smart cards work? A smart card connects to a specific type of card reader. Most are inserted into the chip reader, but some utilized an RF interface. Smart Health Cards typically are similar to credit cards, and have an embedded chip. A gold-plated contact plate is visible. Typically, inexpensive card USB based readers are readily available. Some computers can come with integrated chip readers.

ISeeYouCare’s Smart Health Cards for State Medicaid Solution

ISeeYouCare (formerly ICUCare) has it’s own Smart Health Card that is gaining interest with several state Medicaid systems. What makes our Smart Health Card unique is that it has the ability to embed a patient’s lifetime medical record on a 128k chip. Utilizing the same technology in our MyeMHR Personal Health Record, we extract data from disparate EHR platforms to build your own virtual lifetime personal health record (PHR). Furthermore, it launches an application to support the patient encounter with the healthcare provider. Additionally, because of our unique, patented design, our Smart Card application can run while disconnected from the cloud.

Additionally, our Smart Health Card solution includes a “back-end” feature using the client-side application for use by Payers. This application performs analytics and reconciles billing statements.

Why are these capabilities for State Medicaid Systems looking to control costs:

  • The ISeeYouCare platform virtually eliminates fraud due to identity theft because it utilizes the same level of security and encryption supported by the Department of Defense in their Common Access Cards (CAC Cards).
  • Our platform enables gives medical providers access to all structured and unstructured data. This virtually eliminates the need for redundant testing.
  • The Smart Health Card can be deployed to almost any population and experience a positive ROI immediately!

Our Smart Health Cards for State Medicaid Systems will drive down costs, improve quality of care and allow providers to drive the best possible patient and provider experience. No single solution offers as many benefits. Most importantly, no Smart Health Card on the market has the capabilities of our platform.

We are proud to have been chosen as a finalist for the Federal Health IT Challenge, sponsored by Contact us today for more information.