my eMHR personal health record (PHR)

We are at the dawn of a new era in Healthcare. With the advent of electronic medical records, patients now have access to information that they never had before. Moreover, the law is now on the side of the patient, as a consumer. It gives them specific rights to access all of their medical records that are stored electronically at no cost. The MyeMHR Personal Health Record is a patient-centric all-inclusive health data repository which is owned by the patient and co-managed by all participating healthcare providers by way of collection, retrieval, parsing and reconciliation of remote data back into the patient’s data management system.

The problem is most of this information is sitting in “silos”. These silos belong to physician practices, hospitals, State or Federal agencies or others. These systems do not talk to each other! If you need your data in an emergency situation away from home, you most likely will never receive it. In fact, 70% of hospitals report that they do not receive data from external sources. The MyeMHR Solution represents the only solution to the issue of interoperability in the world to date!

The MyeMHR Solution

Our MyeMHR Program has been specifically developed to provide every individual the right of ownership of their medical records and associated information. This gives patients and their advocates unprecedented access and control over their health history. It also allows them to take accountability for their care moving forward.

This patient-centric model serves as the core functionality for all of ISeeYouCare’s software platform. You can manually load your personal health history. Or, depending upon the level of subscription purchased, use our patented approach to extract and load your health records from all of your healthcare providers. We extract the data you already own, but hospitals make it difficult to get. In doing so, we create what we call a Health Information Exchange network of your personal data. This contains all of your clinical data captured in disparate systems over the years. All of our solutions are subscription based and can be accessed from anywhere. ISeeYouCare’s mobile solutions run on IOS and Android devices.

An Integrated Solutions Platform

The MyeMHR is actually a Certified EHR Class PHR with the abilities and functionality of an HIE (Health Information Exchange). The subscription-based product has four classes of subscription. The Bronze Level Subscription is Free to all users (and patients) of our eDoc Telemedicine/EHR Enterprise or Desktop Solution and all other Americans alike. The Silver and Gold Subscription Program offers additional features and capabilities never before available in any other product offering. The fourth Subscription involves a Physician ordered MyeHealth Home Monitoring Subscription Program for use in monitoring and managing patients with chronic health issues involving respiratory, diabetes, cardiovascular and other.

The health care system is changing. EHRs capture more information on individuals than ever before. Consequently, you can now take accountability for your records. Remember, it’s your data.