Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs have been in place for several years, and have met with some success in certain types of markets. One market that has not been able to take advantage of CCM is the behavioral Health community. This is because Medicare’s program does not specifically reimburse non-physician practitioners. But expansion to the program in 2017 and 18 are opening the door for these providers.  Due to these expansions, chronic care management for behavioral health is becoming a reality.

Among the new capabilities allowed in the program is an expanded codeset for a collaborative care model and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs. As of last year, CMS began reimbursing for coordinating the care of patients with behavioral health issues.

These programs focus on primary care models, and encourage providers to coordinate care with a behavioral health professional. It is still unclear exactly how these m models will be implemented. But it is clear that this opens the door for some level of reimbursement for behavioral health professionals.

Chronic Care Management for behavioral health is becoming a reality.

While many in the industry still doubt the effectiveness of CCM programs, CMS certainly touts its success. It is exciting that the agency has seen the benefit and is expanding it with CoCM and BHI programs. More to come on this, so we will continue to keep watch.

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