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The concept of the PHR, i.e. the “Personal Health Record” has been around for some time. Most EHR platforms now provide a patient with access to a PHR via their patient portal, and now often on a web application. This is a good step. But we are proposing a new and novel way of looking at the PHR. A new definition, if you will: The PHR – “Portable Health Record”.

Today almost all Personal Health Records are “tethered” to their host EHR. That limits the portability of the data in a number of ways:

  • The data is only comprised of data gathered by the physician or IDN providing the EHR.
  • The data may be filtered and/or limited to only the data the EHR provider wants you to see.
  • Access to the data may be removed if you are no longer a patient.

ISeeYouCare recognizes the importance of the PHR – Portable Health Record. In fact, it’s essentially one of our founding principles:

There are but two components to the healthcare system that are relevant; the patient and the care provider. Only one of these components are mobile throughout their lifetime – the patient! – Robert Higgs, Founder and CEO

The PHR – Portable Health Record Deployed

So how is this PHR – “Portable Health Record” put into action? ISeeYouCare provides three specific options that ensure its portability:

  • Our platform is cloud-based, and thus reachable by any device that has a connection to the internet. (PCs, Mobile devices, anything with a browser).
  • We provide mobile applications for IOS and Android that are free and available in the app store for each platform.  This application structures the PHR (portable health record) in a format that is most readable and actionable for the platform.
  • Our Smart Health Card is a secure and ultimately transportable method of taking your records everywhere you go. Additionally, it is highly secure and is accessible even when you are off network.

ISeeYouCare believes in the portability of your health records.  To be useful, a PHR must be both “Personal” and “Portable“.

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