Smart Health Card

According to the Smart Card Alliance (now the Secure Technology Alliance), Smart Health Card implementations are continuing to be deployed for various solutions in healthcare, worldwide:

Healthcare organizations worldwide are implementing smart health cards supporting a wide variety of features and applications. Smart health cards can improve the security and privacy of patient information, provide the secure carrier for portable medical records, reduce healthcare fraud, support new processes for portable medical records, provide secure access to emergency medical information, enable compliance with government initiatives and mandates, and provide the platform to implement other applications as needed by the healthcare organization.

We believe our Smart Health Card has the ability to bring disruptive change to the healthcare platform. But, what makes our Smart Health Card solution different?

  1. Our card is much more than just an ID. The patient’s identity (photograph and ID/Password) drives access to the card. Additionally, it features the same authentication and security protocol as employed by the Department of Defense. Therefore, it provides absolute authentication of ones identity using 2-part authentication. It utilizes a patient photo identification and is biometric capable (fingerprint).
  2. Our card stores your full longitudinal personal health record. Our patented compression technology does something that no other smart card vendor can claim. We store 100% of your structured health data on a 128KB chip!! If you know anything about data, you know that is a big deal.
  3. Our card launches a fully-capable EHR platform that can run disconnected from the cloud. 31% of the world still does not have access to a 3G or stronger network. Our ability to run disconnected is a game-changer for military, emergency services and those in disadvantaged areas.
  4. Our card, when connected to the cloud, can provide access to all of your images and unstructured data.

Smart Health Card Benefits

There are many benefits to deploying a Smart Health Card. ISeeYouCare’s solution provides the following:

  1. Eliminates or significant reduces, redundant and unnecessary testing and procedures
  2. Reduce or even eliminate fraud associated with identity theft
  3. Allows patients to take their medical records with them

Contact us to find out more information about how our patented Smart Health Card can bring real ROI to your organization!