patient centered care

The National Institute of Health defines patient centered care as: “health care that establishes a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families (when appropriate) to ensure that decisions respect patients’ wants, needs and preferences and solicit patients’ input on the education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care.”

We believe Patient centered care is absolutely critical for true healthcare reform. Patients must be the centerpiece of the healthcare system. If patients, and their supporting family and caregivers, are left out of the communication loop, there is very little hope for better outcomes. This is especially true for patients dealing with chronic conditions.

One of our founding principles is this:

There are two critical participants in the healthcare system. The care provider and the patient. Only one of these is mobile throughout their lifetime. Therefore, the patient should own, possess and have ready access to their data.

Patient Centered Care (#patientcentric)

Our favorite hashtag is #patientcentric. Our Personal Health Record platform serves as the centerpiece of our healthcare ecosystem. Therefore, we have built all of our tools (telemedicine, EHR, smart health card, etc.) based on this concept. This patient-centric model serves as the core functionality for all of ISeeYouCare’s software platform. You can manually load your personal health history. Or, depending upon the level of subscription purchased, use our patented approach to extract and load your health records from all of your healthcare providers.

We extract the data you already own, but hospitals make it difficult to get. In doing so, we create what we call a Health Information Exchange network of your personal data. This contains all of your clinical data captured in disparate systems over the years. All of our solutions are subscription based and can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, ISeeYouCare’s mobile solutions run on IOS and Android devices.

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