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Expand your practice to include Chronic Care Management and increase your Medicare reimbursement levels. Offer telehealth, mHealth home monitoring tools and other offerings to your patients. Expand your brand with our model that provides a proven ROI with fee based or additional reimbursements.

Chronic-Care Management

Healthcare organizations are striving to get a handle on chronic care management. 86% of healthcare costs involve patients with one or more chronic care conditions. Medicare offers CPT Code 99490 for providers who proactively manage their patients with chronic care conditions. ISeeYouCare’s platform can be used by you to manage these patients or we can provide CCM management services for your patients, taking the work out of your hands. This increases your revenue stream and improves patient retention.


eTelehealth/Telemedicine has proven itself as a tremendous benefit to healthcare organizations, especially those in rural areas. Our telemedicine platform uses the latest HD Video technology and can interact with all major standards-based systems.  Additionally, you can purchase our carts, or we can integrate with your existing technology. Our Telemedicine platform has an integrated EMR, that can interface seamlessly with your EHR to provide a full end-to-end solution.

Concierge Medicine

Many doctors have opted out of reimbursement models and now offer concierge medicine to their patients. The ISeeYouCare platform can be a great solution for these physicians. It offers an patient-centric HIE where they can enter their consults, which can flow back into the patient’s EHR provider. The telehealth component (in-home monitoring and telemedicine-based consults) can be a great benefit or even a fee-based add-on to your program. That, along with the multitude of health and wellness tools available to your patients, will truly enhance your offering to your customer.

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