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Personal Health Records are now everywhere. EHRs have their versions. There are many on the market. Additionally, there are several free ones. (We even offer a free version of ours). But most fall short of offering the promise of a Lifetime Personal Health Record. We believe there is great value in having your own PHR to take with you. And, more importantly, you can take it with you in whatever form you prefer.

Our PHR platform, called the MyeMHR Personal Health Record, is a robust PHR platform that has the ability to ingest health records from a variety of EHR platforms. It can pull data from Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, or any other EHR that is certified for meaningful use.

The Need for a Lifetime Personal Health Record (PHR)

Having your personal health records with you improves communication between caregivers, and ensures you provide important information to caregivers, especially in emergencies. “My dad carries a folded up piece of paper in his wallet. It’s typed and folded up and he carries it with him everywhere.” John Jennings, ISeeYouCare’s Director of Health and Wellness Platform, tells of his parent’s use of medical records. “On this piece of paper is all of my mom’s health information. It contains her conditions, her history, her medications and allergies. And when her history changes (which is quite frequently), he retypes it and replaces the copy in his wallet”.

But what would happen if he wasn’t there in an emergency? What if they were in a wreck and he was unable to communicate? This is the fundamental weakness of this manual approach to managing your health records. Therefore, they are subject to error, frequently change, and can easily be lost.

This is why ISeeYouCare supports the idea for national and state-level initiatives to adopt personal health records. The most likely way to ensure health information is seamlessly passed between caregivers is for these entities to mandate virtual lifetime personal health record platforms that truly enable care collaboration throughout the care continuum.

For more information about our care platform and our lifetime personal health record platform, contact us today.