Comprehensive Health Record

There is much talk today about the concept of a Comprehensive Health Record (CHR) replacing the terminology of Electronic Health Record (EHR). Recently, Epic CEO Judy Faulkner has come out in support of this change. ISeeYouCare has been a voice for expanding the concept of EHR to a comprehensive model for many years. Consequently, our MyeMHR Virtual Lifetime Personal Health Record (VLPHR) is a model of a CHR that has been in place for several years.

The VLPHR is a real-life example of what a CHR should look like. Here is why:

  1. It consumes and integrates data from any EHR platform. The VLPHR combines all disparate data into one logical, comprehensive data record for the patient.
  2. It goes beyond the typical 17 sections of a CCDA record, and includes additional information that is useful for Population Health. Social determinants, family health history and other categories of information are useful for analysis and patient care.
  3. It is fully transportable, via a mobile device or a secure Smart Health Card, our Smart Health Care Management System allows for access to patient data, even if Internet access is unavailable.
  4. Patient can easily transmit data to any medical provider for treatment or a second opinion.

Our take on the Comprehensive Health Record (CHR)

“A CHR is not a new concept, we have been doing it for years”, according to Hugh Brennan, VP of Sales & Marketing. “We feel like we have been on the forefront of this concept, and the market is finally catching up to us”.

ISeeYouCare’s platform has been deployed in several countries across three continents. Additionally, the company has recently announced plans to expand into the US market. They currently do not have plans to rename their VLPHR to CHR. While agreeing on the concept, they do not plan to rename their platform.

EHR, PHR, CHR, VLPHR…. We are not hung up on acronyms. Most important is the capabilities of a comprehensive health record. CHR or not, our platform provides the most capabilities of any patient health record on the market. For more information, we encourage you to contact us to set up a demo.