chronic care, collaboration, care teams

There are a lot of “C’s” to navigate in Healthcare these days (chronic care, collaboration, care teams). The waters can be treacherous. Do you have a partner that provides a platform for you to accomplish all of this?

The High C’s

  • Consumers—Are you treating your patients as consumers? Are they at the center of your processes?
  • Collaboration—Are you communicating with all members of the care team , including care givers, family members, specialists, labs, etc.?
  • Care Teams—Have you built care teams to support your chronic patients?
  • Continuity of Care—Are you managing care from the hospital to rehab to the home? Does data pass seamlessly throughout the process? Are you managing re-admissions successfully?
  • Chronic Care Management—Are you driving revenue into your organization by managing your chronic patients (CPT Code 99490), on average $42 per patient/per month?
  • Community—Are you integrating your patients in with their community, virtually or otherwise?
  • Community (Population) Health—Are you aggregating data so you can research patterns and outcomes of your population?

If you are having difficulty navigating these “Cs”, contact us.