Long term care Skilled Nursing Facility

ISeeYouCare’s cloud-based platform enables “continuity-of-care” for the patient with home monitoring and anywhere, anytime, with 24×7 connectivity to board certified care providers.

Meet the Patient Where They Are

One of our overriding principles of our platform is that the patient is the only truly mobile part of the healthcare ecosystem.  Therefore, our tools are designed to be as mobile as you are.  Our applications run on mobile devices (IOS and Android) as well as web-based computers.  Our mHealth initiatives include the ability to monitor patient’s vitals using wearables, including fall monitors.  If a patient’s vitals exceed set parameters, caregivers and providers are notified.  If a patient needs to see their provider, they can contact them directly over the app and schedule a telehealth appointment to see their doctor.

Our Solution

Our solution impacts the Home Health Care Market from two stand points. First in response to the 2015 regulations involving the 30-Day Discharge ruling whereby Hospitals are penalized if a patient with whom has been admitted and subsequently discharged is re-admitted to the hospital. The second is the attempts by payers (insurers and government) to mitigate cost associated with chronically ill patient/beneficiaries going to the ER.  The ultimate goal is to mitigate cost associated with the patient seeking medical services for routine issues that could be addressed in the home using eTelehealth.

The ISeeYouCare program not only provides eTelemedicine capabilities, it does so in such a way as to put a patient’s longitudinal medical history in front of every care provider that services that individual. The technology includes a structured medical encounter workup sheet and even includes significant CDS (Clinical Decision Support) tools that literally makes any physician better

Finally, ISeeYouCare has developed a cloud based back-end analytics solution. This solution can be directed to any one or all of the company’s platforms for the express purposes to conduct analytics of any given condition or illness in real-time. This solution was developed in response to a challenge from the World Health Organization.

The ability to capture every piece of medical history data from a given patient over their lifetime and to be capable of running dynamic quires against this data by demographic, geography and any given subset of clinical codes sets including ICD9/10, CPT, SNOMED, Loinc (labs) and others advances the buzz in healthcare, “Population Health Management” like no other such solution.