ISeeYouCare Louisville Evansville

ISeeYouCare, Inc. is the successor to ICUcare LLC, a Health IT software and solutions developer located in Evansville, IN.   This new name and entity signify much more than a few letters and a new logo.  Primarily, it emphasizes the fact that the ISeeYouCare platform of products brings about a new level of transparency for the patient.

In the new healthcare paradigm, the patient is now the consumer.  Along with that fact comes new choices for the patient.  It also brings new roles into play, as patients and their caregivers are becoming more involved in a collaborative care model.

This new model of care requires access to data.  This is what ISeeYouCare provides.  Utilizing our patented approach, we harvest data from disparate EHR systems and build the patient’s personal virtual longitudinal health record.   This record serves as the centerpiece of our “personal health ecosystem”.

Steve Case, founder of AOL, describes the problem in his book, “The Third Wave”.  He says “And yet for decades, complacency has been held up like a value to behold. If you’ve ever wondered why the American healthcare system costs more than other advanced countries’ but doesn’t produce better results, this is why. Our hospitals are stuck in a pre-Internet world, and patients are suffering because of it.’

ISeeYouCare is committed to lead the healthcare industry by bringing disruptive technology that will change the way we view and interact with the healthcare system.