health and wellness program for K-12 Schools

Reduce the cost of your school system’s clinic by extending reach with telemedicine. Incorporate ISeeYouCare’s health and wellness platform into your overall strategy and teach your children healthy lifestyles and head off future medical problems.

Healthy Mind and Body

Our Health Mind and Body initiative focuses on two key components – a comprehensive health program for all students in K-12 school systems, backed up with an early educational program.  Consequently, these components combine to drive fundamental change in behavior across a generation.

Our solution utilizes the patient’s (student’s) personal health record and a Smart Health Card. These provide a method of capturing longitudinal health records of the student from disparate sources. We also provide a method to make the data portable, allowing the patient to take it with them.

Telemedicine for School Systems

Our model includes adding telemedicine to in-school clinics in order to bring medical expertise into the consults. We know that for far too many students, the only healthcare they can hope to receive is within school systems. Therefore, we have built a model that brings the necessary expertise to the students where they are.

Finally, and most important, our model has such an ROI, that in most cases school systems will more than pay for itself, and return money to the system by the second year. The value for deploying this solution in support of a “Healthy Body” has been the subject of many clinical studies and white papers. Therefore, the support for our conclusions is well established. Our solution drives these results and outcomes in a unique way. For the first time, these results can be scaled to any population and in a way as to be self-funding. We accomplish this through a public/private partnership as well as the generous support of many of our technology partners.