Do It For Your Family

You owe it to your family to have every piece of medical related information available for use by care providers, whenever and wherever it is needed to include Directives as to what is to be done, and possibly more important, what is not to be done in the event of an emergency.

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Do It For Your Employee

My eMHR makes a wonderful addition to your existing employee benefits package. Dollar for dollar, it will outperform every other benefit you presently provide to your employees. Other than that, it could actually make the difference in the overall health of your employees and possibly, their families. Give us a call today at 866-456-8653 to discuss how this remarkable employee benefit program can change the way you look at both short and long term employee relations.

Most Importantly, Do It For Yourself!

The health care system is changing. With the use of electronic medical records, there is more information being captured and recorded on individuals than ever before. The problem is most of this information is sitting in “silos” belonging to either the healthcare industry, State or Federal agencies, or others. These systems do not talk to each other! If you need your data in an emergency situation in any place other than your local hospital based physicians group, you most likely will never recieve that data. The My eMHRSolution represents the only solution to the issue of interoperability in the world to date!

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Home Health monitoring

Our fully functional PHR Includes everything you need in an HIE compatible platform, including the following:

  • Demographic Information
  • Emergency Information
  • Profile Photo (Biometrics Capable)
  • History of Procedures and Date 
  • History of Previous Illness and Conditions (60+ identified) 
  • Surgical History 
  • Activities/Social History
  • Pregnancy Status
  • Family History
  • Allergies: Drug, Air Borne & Other 
  • Patient Directives
  • Medications Listing (Active & Inactive)
  • Immunizations and Date
  • Master Problem List 
  • Lab and Diagnostics Results 
  • History of Encounters with Physician notes
  • Home Health Management w/ Remote Monitoring & Intervention
  • Longitudinal Care Plan (Actions & Instructions)
  • Supporting Medical Files to include Imaging, Report Findings, Lab Results etc. (Solution include a Native Generic DICOM Viewer)

Functional Capabilities: (Partial Listing)

  • Legacy Systems Interoperability 
  • HIPAA and 2014 Stage II MU Compliant
  • eTelehealth Capable (Patient to Physician and Physician to Patient)
  • My Video Chat HD Video Conferencing 
  • Symptoms Checker Differential Diagnosis Algorithm Solution
  • Medical Resource Library to include Patient Education