health and wellness platform for employers

Offer a customized Health and Wellness Benefit Program to your employees.  We will work with your HR/Benefits department to design a solution that works best for your employee population.  We provide options that include telemedicine and a personalized electronic health record that increases your employees visibility and makes them active participants in their health plan.  As a result, you can improve health outcomes and reduce your organization’s healthcare costs.

 Custom Health and Wellness Benefit Program

Offer your employees a combination of benefits that demonstrate your commitment to their well being.  We know that research shows that patients who actively participate in their healthcare drive better outcomes.  And, better outcomes drives lower costs.  However, patients often lack access to the data they need in order to properly manage this.

Our platform starts with a personal health record.  Additionally, this record is built automatically from their healthcare providers. Consequently, this puts them in control of their healthcare by offering them a personal health record system that allows them to take their health information with them, wherever they go.  Improve their access to care by providing telemedicine solutions to treat them where they are.  And provide eHealth virtual clinics at your company locations to make staying healthy more convenient for them.

Population Health

Today, most organizations receive some limited population health information from their insurance provider.  This information is usually outdated. It also only includes clinical information filed with the insurer.  And it does not include employees who opt out of your benefits package.

Our platform can provide a tremendous benefit to those organizations looking to both reduce healthcare costs and improve the health outcomes for their employees.  By aggregating employee health data, a side benefit of our platform is that employers will be able to perform legitimate data analytics on their employee population, and more accurately assess risks and design programs that will lead to better outcomes for the employee and overall increase in “healthy days” for the entire population.