Company Timeline

Welcome to ISeeYouCare, Inc. The company is dedicated to developing and deploying technologically advanced solutions in the form of Patient-Centered Medical Technologies. Exceptional products backed by exceptional service are our standard.

ISeeYouCare, Inc. is the successor to ICUcare LLC, a Health IT software and solutions developer located in Evansville, IN. The company was formed in August of 2008 with but one mission; bring about change in the nation’s Health Care System to the benefit of patients, care givers and the industry itself.

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July 2009

ICUcare LLC is announced the initial Beta version launch the new eDoc® Telemedicine System. The system was designed to provide a platform for state-of-the-art medical communications and information in support patient and doctor consultation in either real time live consult basis or store and forward basis anywhere in the world.

March 2010

The company completed their work with the second of the planned solutions, eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR. Finally, in March of 2010, the company completed their work with the third of its planned software applications, the eDoc® Physicians Web Portal. (See Press Release)

March 2010

ICUcare LLC completed the development of the first of three planned product lines, the MyeMHR Personal Health Records cloud-based system.  (See Press Release)

May 2010

The company deployed its first eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR Mobile Cart Solution in the NICU Unit of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

June 2010

The President of the ATA, Dr. Jay Sanders remarks “that he was glad to see that someone had finally put the ‘Medicine’ with the ‘Tele'”, a reference to the fact that the Telemedicine Industry itself had never been more than a video (Skype) based form of communication between two distant physicians.

March 2012

Global Care International, a sister company to ICUcare, deployed its first eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR Mobile Cart Solution at the Keffi Hospital, in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. That soon followed with other deployments in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria, Accra, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

October 2012

The company contracted with ICSA Laboratory and completed all certification activities associated with Meaningful Use Certification for EHR’s. On March 25th, 2013, ICUcare LLC became the first North American company to have received Certification for Meaningful Use of a medical records platform that was capable of conducting eHealth/Telemedicine. (See Press Release)

March 2013

Global Care formed a partnership with a leading health delivery services company in Brazil to market its technology to South American Markets. After completing all development activities associated with “localizing” the platforms, the new technology was successfully deployed at three locations in San Paulo and surrounding communities.

October 2013

The company debuted its newly enhanced My eMHR web-based and value added Personal Health Records solution. There are “four” revolutionary technology solutions included in the newly revamped and redeveloped My eMHR (PHR). This development completes the vision from which the My eMHR was originally conceived, a comprehensive, interoperable, longitudinal personal health records based system in the form of a Health Information Exchange (HIE). (See Press Release)

Nov 2013

ICUcare made the decision to enhance its Telemedicine/EHR Ambulatory solution to include in-patient. This is in keeping with the company’s long term objective to offer a health delivery solution to the Long-Term Care (LTC) market.

June 2014

ICUcare by way of its sister company, Global Care International has made significant headway in garnering global attention. The company’s technology was featured in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Games in Brazil. ICUcare’s technology platform was implemented at eighteen stadiums and seven hospital systems throughout Brazil providing on demand medical services on behalf of the FIFA. This marked the first-time eHealth/Telemedicine was utilized in such a venue.

Sept 2014

ICUCare completes development of the Universal Access Smart Health Card VLPHR Data Management System. This development was in response to a challenge given to the Founder/CEO Robert Higgs by General Gerald Caron, DDS Commander of Andrews Air Force Base regarding the military’s Common Access card (CAC). General Caron challenged ICUcare to develop the means to place “all that wonderful medical data onto a 128k microchip”. According to General Caron, the DOD had been trying to accomplish that feat for over ten years without success. (See Press Release)

June 2015

ICUcare decided to take its web-based enterprise platform, My eMHR and make it mobile. Switching to mobile development as opposed to either .Net or web development was a new and challenging transition. Taking a web-based platform such as the My eMHR with three million lines of code and making a mobile APP for Microsoft, IOS and Android was no small feat. The development was accomplished in nine months on all three platforms.

January 2016

The company focused their development toward a Home eHealth Delivery System for use by patient’s suffering from Asthma, COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes and other chronic diseases. This development involved both software and hardware development. The company worked with several leading medical devices manufactures in developing interfaces for the seamless transfer of data from the device to the patient’s cloud based My eMHR repository.

October 2016

The company was restructured from a Limited Liability Company to a C-Corporation.  ISeeYouCare, Inc. was formed.

February 2017

IseeYouCare, Inc. moved to new location in Evansville, IN and opened a new Marketing/Sales office in Louisville, KY.

September 2017

ISeeYouCare is proud to announce that they have been selected by the Healthcare Enterprises Network (HEN) as a member of their inaugural class of VIPs (Very Innovative Pioneer).  The mission of HEN is to foster and champion the growth of the health-related economy for the Greater Louisville region. HEN engages healthcare leaders and leverages partnerships with180 plus investor companies for theme-based initiatives with outcome focused community projects. In doing so, HEN is driving business growth and economic development in Greater Louisville.