Home health monitoring

The My Home eHealth platform is a home-monitoring platform designed for patients who want to take ownership of closely managing their health statistics, and for physicians and health organizations that want to provide a higher order of care for those patients who to be part of a managed health plan.

The My Home eHealth Monitoring System connects patients with care providers from the convenience of their homes. With the usage of wearables, care can be extended to outside of the home. The system is supported by one of the most comprehensive integrated patient health records systems of its kind with the ability to present a patient’s lifetime medical history to any care provider. “Better data makes for more informed decisions and healthier patients”

It’s no secret that the most costly patients in our healthcare system are those with chronic conditions.  The number of Americans with multiple chronic conditions is rising quickly, from approximately 150 million today, to over 170 million by 2030.  Furthermore, 86% of healthcare spending is for people with one or more chronic conditions.

Our mHealth solution for monitoring patients, whether home-bound or not, is an outstanding solution to take proactive ownership of your healthcare.  The vertically integrated solution works seamlessly with our My eMHR Personal Health Record, our MyHome eHealth App, My Health Vitals App, MyHealth Mobile App and the eDoc-on-Call Portal or our eDoc Telemedicine/EHR platform.

Our platform  takes an Internet of Things (IoT) approach to connecting a variety of healthcare devices, all managed by the patient or caregiver. It provides the platform for monitoring key vital statistics.  All devices are FDA approved, Bluetooth equipped and integrated into the world’s most comprehensive eHealth Data Network with ability to communicate with any other disparate operating system by way of another end-to-end solution involving a Universal Data Interface Engine.  Devices supported include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Spo2
  • Glucose
  • Temperature
  • ECG
  • Spirometer, and Peak Flow Meter
  • Weight & BMI
  • Fall Detection

All of our solutions are subscription based and can be accessed from anywhere.  ISeeYouCare’s mobile solutions run on IOS and Android devices.

For a detailed description of the platform, download this PDF.