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eDoc® eMHR Desktop Application

eDoc® eMHR allows users to easily review and complete patient histories, past visits, current medications, allergies, labs and diagnostic tests. With the vertically integrated My eMHR web portal, patients can complete their patient demographics, medical histories and remotely upload data to care providers client server based system for seamless integration and management of all patient data.

eDoc® eMHR provides the tools needed for healthcare quality measures and patient disease management using built-in Database/Query Reporting. Information about a practice’s entire patient population is truly at the provider’s fingertips.

For specialists, eDoc® eMHR caters to their requirements by offering customization of all databases involving phrases, terminologies and coding. The system even includes a touch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in that the system learns what procedures, laboratory orders, diagnostics etc. are commonly used and automatically populates the “favorites” section of each data base for future use.

Patient/Practice Centered Dashboard
  • Single view screen for entire patient chart including patient information, history, encounter/consults, test data, medications, procedures, and diagnosis and physician notes.
  • Easily add and update patient information.
  • Streamline electronic documents.
  • Integrated telephone and general notes window.
  • Point and click navigation and data entry.
  • On-screen Help Menus with definitive instructions at the point of question.
  • Hover-over clinical data decision support features.
  • Use of “biometrics” for all users and patients.
  • Audit tracking of all data entry and edits by user.
  • Easy point and click pull down menu database sets for all medical coding (both Current Procedural Terminology and International Classification Disease).

  • Electronic submission of all prescription medications to all enrolled and participating pharmacies.

Progress Notes
  • Generates clean, easy to read professional consultation or progress notes.
  • Internal and external physician to physician communication capabilities.
  • Tracks patients’ progress over time using bar graph and trending utilities.
  • User selectable patient illness or condition reporting of progress functionality.

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