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eDoc® eMHR Client Server Application

The application acts as the data accumulation and centralizing agent for all services, communications, storage, archiving and administration for the eDoc® Electronic Health Records Platform. It is ideally suited for mid and large deployments of single user eDoc® eMHR Desktop Applications involving multi-person usage, both internal and remote. The use of the client-server enables users to manage their EHR program behind their own respective firewall for an added measure of security.

The eDoc® eMHR Client Server works with and in conjunction with the eMHR Desktop, Physicians Web Portal and Patient Web Portal (My eMHR) versions of the eDoc® eMHR family of software products. ICUcare is committed to being you’re one-stop-shop for all your medical software/device solutions. “If we don’t have it - We can develop it”!


  • Provides data accumulation and centralizing agent for all practice/clinician/patient generated data involving a multi-station eDoc® eMHR System deployment
  • Comprehensive tool suite to manage user accounts, offline data flow, generate reports, monitor services, and archive and restore data
  • Provides robust performance with effective resource utilization and follows industry accepted strong security, compression, and communication standards
  • Provides need-based scalability as plug-in-play eDoc® eMHR Desktop Systems
  • Audit and log tracking of all users actions through Metering & Logging services
  • Concurrent Access Control for secure and safe patient records handling
  • Support for Medical Informatics Standards (DICOM and HL7)
  • Compliant to Industry standard encryption, compression, and communication
  • User can leverage flexibility in licensing models to balance between cost and feature/capability requirements
  • Comprehensive “Virtual” Technical Support via live video conferencing and desktop sharing

Minimum System Configuration Requirements

Server Class Computer running Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
SQL Server 2008 and Device CAL for each Work-Station