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eDoc® Telemed/EHR Desktop Telemedicine Application

The eDoc® Telemed/EHR Telemedicine Application is available in both desktop versions with or without client server platforms at the patient end and hosted by ICUcare’s centrally implemented Telemedicine solution at the physicians end via web browser based eDoc® Telemed Web Portal.

The eDoc® Telemed/EHR Desktop Telemedicine Application provides all the services needed by a telemedicine system such as data acquisition and insertion, EMR building, user discovery and connectivity, diagnostics capabilities, send and receiving offline data and real time telemedicine sessions.

  • Consolidated and comprehensive integrated Electronic Medical/Health Record (EMR/EHR)
  • Authenticated secure access to patient EMR/EHR via biometrics
  • Robust security management using 128 Bit encryption
  • Interfaces with a large range of off-the-shelf medical devices
  • Secure Login & Content Encryption
  • Ability to remotely control eDoc® Desktop (patient end) from remote location. (Permissible)
  • Anywhere and anytime (24/7) access via LAN / Internet
  • Referral(s) of patient through multilevel structure
  • User-friendly Graphical Interface with intuitive usability options
  • Supports wide range of standards for data and device interface
  • Integrated Live Audio, Video Conferencing
  • In-place image viewing capability
  • Text, voice and e-mail messaging and alarm notification
  • Immediate and scheduled Offline Data Transfer capability
  • Recording of Consult (multiple parties) capability with local and offsite storage/recall
  • Comprehensive set of Imaging operations to include enhancements and annotations
  • HIPAA Compliant

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