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Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging Probe
The Interson AB-3.5 MHz Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging Probe has been specifically designed for use by Family Practitioners, Prenatal, L&D, Urology, Internal Medicine, Emergency and MedSurg departments for applications involving in-office examinations of the abdomen (kidney, liver, gall bladder, abdominal aorta), Uterus, Bladder and FAST exam.
Endocavity Ultrasound Imaging Probe
The Interson EC-7.5 MHz Endocavity Ultrasound Probe is designed for use by OB/GYN, Fertility and Urology departments in such applications as Transrectal-Prostate, Transvaginal-Uterus and Adnexa. The Endocavity Probe provides the user with the ability to AutoScan in B-mode, scan and view, save, store, and print images. Additionally, the system includes built in measurements, calculations, annotations, cine loop and zoom capabilities.
Peripheral Ultrasound Imaging Probe
The Interson PI-7.5 MHz Peripheral Ultrasound Imaging Probe satisfies all requirements for use by Anesthesiology, Pain Clinics, Emergency Rooms, ICU, MedSurg, Podiatry, Interventional and Cath Lab departments for on-site examination imaging for Vascular Access (PICC Lines), nerve blocks, foreign bodies, small parts and MSK.
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