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eDoc® Telemed/EHR Physicians Web Portal


The eDoc® Telemed Web Portal has been designed to be a physicians best friend. It provides physicians the ability of freedom to work where ever they choose. An internet connection is all that is required to enable physicians to work as effectively out of the office as they work at the office. The Web Portal features a rich compliment of resources that empower the busy physicians to work smarter rather than harder.

Communications couldn’t be easier. Physicians will typically be requested to join a live video consult at a scheduled time or simply pickup a requested encounter/consult (store and forward) from a requesting practitioner utilizing either of the eDoc® Telemed or EHR platforms and provide consultation services on an as need basis. Communications are handled by way of e-mail and text messaging.

ICUcare LLC has developed a program by which physicians can participate in telemedicine consultations and at the same time increase the availability of quality care providers to patients at large irrespective of geographical boundaries. This program is called the TPN Program.

TPN Members are furnished with a personal web site within the ICUcare domain whereby they can manage their consults, profiles, biography, field of medicine, means of preferred contact and communication and much more. They can even manage what information is made available to the public by way of ICUcare’s web site. (physician search)

Security of the system and network is assured through encryption of all data transferred, removal of personal identifiable data from files and redundant storage of all data within the network at a high security data center located at a major Midwestern city and supported by one of the largest fiber-optic network systems in the country.