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Technology Partners

ICUcare LLC is proud of our association with other innovative, quality-focused companies, without whom, our vision could not have become reality. Each of them have and continue to play a vital role enabling ICUcare to pursue its lofty and ambitious objectives in helping to make this a better place to live the American Dream.

By empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions with access to real-time information, our solutions have helped customers work smarter and more efficiently - with the right information at the right place and the right time.

CardLogix - A world-class manufacturer of smart cards and software for the secure transaction of data and value. ICUcare’s partner in conjunction with the Universal Smart Health Card.

Ergotron - World class leader in the design and manufacturer of computer systems mounting and associated mobile and fixed stand systems carts.

Apple - World class manufacturer of computers and other related equipment used in support of the eDoc® Telemedicine Medical Cart.

Microsoft - World leader in computer based software, development platforms and cloud based services.

Panasonic - Manufacturer of Toughbook Computers and Laptops used in support of the eDoc® 1st Responders and eDoc® Mobile Extreme Systems.

Sony - World class manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art cameras and computer equipment.

Dell Computer - Manufacturer and supplier of business system computer workstations, servers, monitors and associated systems.

JABES - Leading Manufacturer and supplier of medical auscultation equipment including the eDoc's electronic stethoscope.

Contec Medical - Global manufacturer of medical diagnostics devices and equipment for the healthcare industry.

iHealth - Leading manufacturer of mobile health related devices.

Welch Allyn - World class manufacturer and supplier of patient monitoring medical equipment.

Kinsa - Specialty manufacture of temperature monitoring devices and solutions for the home.

Logitech - World renowned manufacturer of video and audio equipment as used on many of ICUcare’s mobile medical carts and mobile solutions.

AliveCor - Specialty manufacturer of mobile ECG monitoring and diagnostic solutions.

Cosmed - World class developer and manufacturer for pulmonary function diagnostic technology.

Interson - Leading manufacturer of ultrasound imaging equipment and technologies.