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Company Overview

Welcome to ICUcare LLC. The company is dedicated to developing and deploying technologically advanced solutions in the form of Patient-Centered Medical Technologies. Count on ICUcare LLC when passion demonstrated by technologically advanced solutions really count. Remember, exceptional products backed by exceptional service are our standard. ICUcare LLC is dedicated to making a difference!

The company was founded by Robert E. Higgs. As is often times the case in real life situations, the vision and subsequent technologies as developed and marketed by the company was birthed from a near tragedy involving Mr. Higgs wife, Carole. Mrs. Higgs was admitted to an acute care hospital facility for a common surgical procedure. Normally speaking, the hospital stay for this type of procedure was expected to last only two to three days.

Over the next 35 days with 27 days in an ICU environment, Carole found herself fighting for her very life. Mr. Higgs observed that many of the very systems for which his wife Carole's well-being rested were either flawed or simply non-existent. Mr. Higgs, himself an engineer made a commitment to his wife and himself that he would apply all his experience and abilities to help bring about change to an industry that for too long has resisted fundamental change in many areas involving informatics supported by with clinical decision systems.

Mr. Higgs, a proven entrepreneur/engineer and the President of a well-respected company by the name of CSI Engineering decided to come out of early retirement and develop the necessary technologies as could be utilized to prevent future near tragedies such as those his wife had experienced. CSI Engineering, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company for specialized industrial process systems. The company was formerly called CSI Industries, Inc. d/b/a Chemical Systems. The assets of the former company to include patents and other intellectual properties was sold in 2004 necessitating the change of name and reflecting new ownership. CSI Engineering engineered and designed the framework for a revolutionary patient-centric based Electronic Records -Based system called eDoc®. The framework or platform was based on a Personal Health records (PHR) cloud based architecture acting as a Health Information Exchange. This exchange would serve as the single, all-inclusive repository for medical records for a given patient. CSI Engineering realized that in order to fully develop and market this revolutionary concept to the health care industry, a new company would have to be created that better reflected the structure and management of a health care solutions provider.

ICUcare LLC was formed in August of 2008 with but one mission; bring about change in the nation's Health Care System to the benefit of patients, care givers and the industry itself. On July 15th, 2009, ICUcare LLC completed the development of the first of three planned product lines, My eMHR, a Personal Health Records cloud-based system. In February 2010, the company completed their work with the second of the planned solution, eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR. In April of 2010, the company completed their work with the third of its planned software applications, the eDoc® Physicians Web Portal. The company deployed its first eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR Mobile Cart Solution in the NICU Unit of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in May of 2010. The following month, ICUcare LLC attended and debuted their integrated Medical Records based Telemedicine Solution at the ATA Show in San Antonio. The President of the ATA, visited the booth and remarked, "that he was glad to see that someone had finally put the "Medicine" with the "Tele", an obvious reference to the fact that the Telemedicine Industry itself had never been more than a video (Skype) based form of communication between two distant physicians.

In March of 2012, Global Care International, a sister company to ICUcare, deployed its first eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR Mobile Cart Solution at the Keffi Hospital, in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. That soon followed with other deployments throughout Africa. In 2013 Global Care by way of a strategic partnership with a South American company begin deploying the suite of solutions in Brazil. Global Care International was beginning to demonstrate the potential for this new revolutionary and disruptive technology and at the same time was getting invaluable experience and supporting data as to the performance of the technologies, both hardware and software. Every deployment to date has been useful in demonstrating the performance and usefulness of the technology while also contributing to insights into possible improvements and upgrades. (See

In September of 2012, ICUcare decided that with the Meaningful Use Incentive Program Certification Program window quickly closing, (March 30th, 2013), the company needed to put everything, including marketing and sales generation on hold and concentrate on completing the work as required to get the eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR and supporting platforms "Certified". The company contracted with ICSA Laboratory in October of 2012 and completed all certification activities on March 25th, 2013. As such, ICUcare LLC became the first North American company to have received Certification for Meaningful Use of a medical records platform that was capable of conducting eHealth/Telemedicine. As of this date, no other company in the world possess a "Certified" Telemedicine/EHR medical records system.

In October of 2013, the company debuted it’s newly enhanced My eMHR web site and value added Personal Health Records solution. There are "four" revolutionary technology solutions included in the newly revamped and redeveloped My eMHR (PHR). This development completes the vision from which the My eMHR was originally conceived, a comprehensive, interoperable, longitudinal personal health records based system Health Information Exchange Information Exchange (HIE).

In September of 2014, the company announced the development of its newest technological accomplishment, the Universal Access Smart Card VLPHR System. This system provides for the secure exchange, availability and transferability of patient medical records from one care facility or system to another. Some people within the industry are saying that this development is the “holy-grail” solution to the issue of interoperability.

ICUcare by way of its sister company, Global Care International has developed strategic partnership Agreements with several offshore companies to license its technology. The company’s technology was showcased as the system of choice in support of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Games in Brazil. ICUcare’s technology platform was implemented at the stadiums and supporting hospitals throughout Brazil providing on demand medical services on behalf of the FIFA. This marks the first time eHealth/Telemedicine has been utilized in such a venue. Global Care International and SPI, our partner in Brazil has already been contacted regarding an opportunity involving alike program for the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016.

ICUcare has created several Distribution Agreements in the US in support of our marketing efforts. In October 2014, ICUcare joined forces with MTI, a major IT Federal Contractor located in Washington DC. This company brings thirty-years (30) of successfully negotiating and handling IT related contracts for many of the nation’s federal agencies including; US Navy, Army, Air Force, Cost Guard, DOD, HHS, CMS and VA. (See